Monday, November 05, 2012

The Night Watchman - subtitled

I just found the subtitled version of this 1990 documentary "Le veilleur" which is essentially a long conversation between Jacques Rivette and Serge Daney in the streets of Paris. It's on YouTube so probably illegal and the quality is horrendous. But we've got accustomed to make do with what we can get to read / watch Daney (and Rivette) in English.

It's a film by French filmmaker Claire Denis, made for the TV series Cinéma de notres temps. I remember Denis explaining the difficulties of shooting: the film roll in the camera usually ended by the time Serge Daney had finished asking his question. She had to invent a way to change over reels really quickly and get assistants to continuously load the reels.

Here are Part 1 and Part 2.
[UPDATE 6 JAN 2015: unfortunately the links no longer work on YouTube]


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  2. HI, the link is lost. Do you know where I can get it with subs? my e mail

  3. Hello Iván,

    Sorry to hear the links are broken. It looks like the content owner asked it be removed from Youtube. I didn't post these and don't have a copy.

    The subtitled copy has been show many times in the US and the UK. I don't know who translated it nor where we can get a DVD. But it will no doubt resurface somewhere (DVD, film festivals, etc.). Let's keep our eyes open.

  4. Don't get me wrong, I'm more than grateful to you for running this blog, but with Youtube videos you should download them and then post them on here as an independent video, because I keep finding links to videos you posted years ago, and they've all been removed.

  5. Hi, apologies for the broken links and thanks for flagging. It may sound a bit precious but while I'm happy to link to these videos while they exist, I can't re-post them as I don't own the copyright and some of these are still commercially available.


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