Wednesday, February 07, 2007

2006 blog usage

For your information as readers, here is the popularity of this blog in 2006 (the blog was created in November 2005).

I take the low usage reflects more the poor quality of this blog than the actual interest in Daney. I found many people ignore this existence of this blog but find it useful once they've discovered it. For 2007, I'll try to make sure its existence is at least known.

Key figures

* 136 visits per months on average, increasing towards the end of the year - 40% of which are returning visitors.

* 46% of visitors arrive to the blog via Google, while the rest arrives either directly (RSS feeds or bookmarks), via Steve Erickson's website or via the Daney entry on Wikipedia (which I sort of maintain).

* Half of the visitors come from North America (US primarily), a third from Europe, 15% from Latin America and only 5% from Asia.

I've just received my copy of Postcards from the cinema. Expect a review here soon. Read my interview of Paul Grant if you want to know more.