Thursday, November 15, 2012

Nick Ray and The house of images

Oscilloscope have just released the DVD and Blu-Ray of Nicholas Ray's We can't go home again. The booklet contains a text by Serge Daney translated in English.

Nick Ray And The House Of Images

This essay originally appeared in Cahiers du cinema no 310, April 1980 and also appears in La Maison cinema et le monde, I. Le Temps des Cahiers 1962-1981, POL, 2001. Translated from the French by Berenice Reynaud and Bernard Eisenschitz.

I've written to Oscilloscope about it and will ask them to publish the text on line if they respond.

Thank you to Ryan Gallagher for spotting this and sending over the details of the text.


  1. This is not the same translation that you put in the comments of Andy's KINOSLANG site, Laurent?

  2. It's not. The one at Kinoslang was a quick translation which I did right after Andy's post. The one in the DVD booklet was published later in 2012 and should be of a different calibre (Reynaud/Eisenschitz). An odd coincidence.

    I never heard back after I emailed Oscilloscope to see if they would allow me to publish it.

    As a principle, I don't reproduce translations of Daney which are available commercially at reasonable prices, especially for new releases.

  3. The newly published book The Cinema House and the World also has a translation of this text. 3rd one.


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