Sunday, May 12, 2019

We're fixing the links...

UPDATE 11 June 2019 - After catching-up with Steve, we've agreed that I'll be posting the texts on this blog. This may take a few weeks to get round all of them but this will be an opportunity for readers to re-discover them. Apologies to those whose links we are going to mess up.


Hi all,

In a reminder that content is vulnerable on the internet, a number of Daney translations are currently not available. We're working to fix this, bear with us.

Thirty-three texts were hosted on Steve Erickson's website ( but the web hosting company has decided to introduce charges and seems to have found no better way to introduce them than taking the content offline (nice!).

Steve is in the process of moving the content to his new site ( I'll update the links once done.

If you're desperate for content, get in touch via the comments and I'll arrange to send you a copy.