Monday, October 08, 2012

Flurry of online translations of Daney

A number of new translations of Serge Daney have appeared this year on the Belgium blog Diagonal Thoughts written by Stoffel Debuysere and in the last few days on David Davidson's Toronto Film Review blog. It's wonderful to see the writings of Serge Daney continuing to generate such interest. In the face of publishers' inaction, cinephiles are taking the matter in their own hands!

Toronto Film Review publishes "Daney’s first three contributions to Cahiers du Cinéma". 
Note: After a quick search on the French Cinémathèque archives, these are indeed Daney's first texts for Cahiers, published even before his interviews of US film directors which marked his arrival at Cahiers. The first two texts are oddly not included in Serge Daney's posthumous "complete writings". A great find then!

Petit Journal du Cinéma: Retrospective Donskoy - published in Cahiers du cinéma, no 154, April 1964

Petit Journal du Cinéma: Sirk At Munich - published in Cahiers du cinéma, no 156, June 1964. Co-signed with "J.-L. N." (aka Jean-Louis Noames, also known as Louis Skorecki, friend of Daney and fellow film critic).

Frank Tashlin's Who's Minding The Store? : Frank and Jerry -  published in Cahiers du cinéma, no 156, June 1964. See also my recent translation of Smörgasborg to make the links.

Diagonal Thoughts has been publishing a string of translations over the past year:

The Death of Glauber Rocha - published as ‘La mort de Glauber Rocha‘ , Libération, 24 August 1981.

A Morals of Perception - published as ‘La Morale de la Perception (De la nuée à la résistance de Straub-Huillet)‘ in La Rampe. Cahier critique 1970-1982, Cahiers du cinéma, Gallimard.

Mark Images - published as ‘Présentation‘, Cahiers du Cinéma, nos. 268-269, the introduction of a special issue dedicated to “Images de Marque”, July-August 1976.

The Fraternal Image - interview of Jacques Rancière by Serge Daney and Serge Toubiana, originally published as ‘L’Image Fraternelle‘, Cahiers du Cinéma, nos. 268-269, part of a special issue dedicated to “Images de Marque”, July-August 1976.

The militant ethnography of Thomas Harlan - published as "L’ethnographie militante de Thomas Harlan", Cahiers du Cinéma, n° 301, June 1979

The demise of film critical thinking - published (without title) in ‘L’exercice a été profitable’, Paris: POL, 1993.

The non-legendary period of Cahiers - published as ‘La période non légendaire des “Cahiers”. Pour préparer la cinquantième anniversaire’. In ‘L’exercice a été profitable’, Paris: POL, 1993.

The cruel radiance of what is - published as ‘La radiation cruelle de ce qui est’‘, Cahiers du Cinéma no. 290-291, July/August 1978.

The Way South. Johan Van der Keuken - published as ‘Vers le sud. Johan Van der Keuken’, Libération, 2 March 1982.



  1. Hey, thanks for the shout-out!
    But can I just ask you to change my name in your post from Daniel to David. People are going to be thinking that my brother is translating these.
    Keep up with the amazing site!

    1. Oops! Error corrected. Apologies to you and your brother. And thank you for the translations. More to come?

  2. I try to update the site every Monday. Next week, a roundtable on de Palma that Daney contributes to. After that it will still be Cahiers related, but not Daney: de Palma in the 2000s, Assayas on Carpenter, Carax on Stallone.
    But who knows what I will decide to do after that.


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