Friday, April 28, 2006

From Movies To Moving

The blog o signo do dragão has the translation of this seminal text by Serge Daney. A must-read.

From movies to moving
Serge Daney, translated by Brian Holmes and published in documentadocuments2, 1996 - first published in French in La Recherche photographique, no 7, 1989.

Another (excellent) translation of this text is available from the July-August 2002 edition of Film Comment. The title is "From projector to parade" and the translator is Chris Darke.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Postcards from the cinema

An entry has appeared on the UK website of Amazon and on the website of Berg Publishers confirming the upcoming publication of a translation of Persévérance . The translation is by Paul Grant and the release date is set for December 2006.

Postcards From The Cinema, Serge Daney, trans. Paul Grant, Berg Publishers, 2006, 160 p.

This book will contain a revised translation of Daney's last text - The tracking shot in Kapo - and a long interview conducted over three days between Serge Daney and Serge Toubiana in 1991.

It was first published by POL Editions in 1994.