Monday, January 09, 2006

Upcoming new translation of Persévérance

Paul Grant has kindly been in touch and has confirmed that he is finishing the translation of Persévérance. It includes a revised translation of the Kapo article and the full translation of the dialogue between Daney and Toubiana which make up this book.

No date for publication yet but I will announce it as soon as it is available.

Jonathan Rosenbaum has already mentioned these "plans to publish an English-language Perseverance" in a paper for the New Left Review, July-August 2005.

The screen of fantasy (Bazin and animals)

"The Screen of Fantasy (Bazin and Animals)" (now available on Steve Erickson's website) is translated by Mark Cohen in Ivone Margulies ed., Rites of Realism: Essays on Corporeal Cinema, Durham: Duke University Press, 2002

Original text is "L'écran du fantasme", page 30, Cahiers du cinéma, issue 236-237, March-April 1972.

You can also read the English translation if you play with Google Book Search.

From projector to parade

Chris Darke has translated this excellent text and has also written a good general introduction to Daney.

From projector to parade, Film Comment, July-August 2002

Originally published as "Du défilement au défilé" in La recherche photographique in 1989.

I've asked Film Comment to make this translation available for free as part of their "online exclusives" but they told me they don't have the rights to do so and I had to request this from Cahiers/Le Monde. Strange and too bad. I have yet to approach Le Monde group to ask them about the policies about Daney translations.