Friday, April 01, 2011

1978 interview with Serge Daney

Kino Slang has an interview of Serge Daney and Serge Toubiana in 1978 where the look back at the politically radical period of Cahiers du Cinéma. Serge Daney and Serge Toubiana with Fabrice Ziolkowski Originally published in ON FILM, No. 9, Winter 1978-79 (ISSN - 0161-1585) I find surprising to find Daney so lucid about that period only a few years later. A lot of what he will say in 1992 is already there.


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  2. Thanks for rescuing this little effort of mine from the fog of time.


  3. Many thanks for the visit and comment Fabrice. All the credit goes to Andy Rector from Kinoslang who is the one who unearthed it.



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