Sunday, November 27, 2005

Steve Erickson's website

Steve Erickson, a New York film critic, lists on his website many English translations of Daney's writings. This was (and still is) the original effort to make Daney available on the Internet. All credit to him for starting this effort and triggering many subsequent similar efforts (such as this blog).

Below is a list of the articles that can be found on Steve's website (and not available elsewhere) with the equivalent French reference:

  • "On Salador"- Originally published as “Sur Salador” in Cahiers du cinéma, issue 222, July 1970, page 39, unknown translator
  • "Godardian Pedagogy" - Translated by Bill Krohn and Charles Cameron Ball, originally published as "Le thérrorisé (pédagogie godardienne)" in Cahiers du cinéma, issue 262, January 1976, pages 32-42.
  • "Beyond A Reasonable Doubt" - Translated by Steve Erickson, originally published "L'invraisemblable vérité" in Libération on July 18, 1981
  • "Stalker" - Translated by Frank Matcha with Steve Erickson, originally published in Libération on November 20th, 1981
  • "Coup De Torchon" - Translated by Steve Erickson, with assistance from Philippe St-Germain, originally published in Libération on November 6, 1981
  • "The Thread (An Obituary Of Jean Eustache)" - Originally published "Le fil (mort de Jean Eustache)" in Libération on November 16, 1981, translated by Steve Erickson
  • "Too Early/Too Late"- Translated by Jonathan Rosenbaum, published in English in a catalogue for a Straub/Huillet retrospective at the Public Theater in New York, originally published as "Trop tôt / trop tard" in Libération on February 20-21, 1982
  • "From The Large To The Small Screen" - Originally published as "Du grand au petit écran" in Libération on November 16, 1987
  • "Television And Its Shadow" - Originally published as "La télévision et son ombre" in Libération on November 13, 1987
  • "Back To The Future" - Originally published as "Retour vers le futur" in Libération on December 24, 1987
  • "Waiting For The Snow" - Originally published as "En attendant la neige" in Libération on December 24, 1987
  • "The Godard Paradox" - taken from the book Forever Godard, Black Dog Publishing, 2003, originally written in 1986
  • "CEDDO" - a review of Ousmane Sembene's movie originally published in Cahiers du cinéma, issue 304, October 1979, page 51-53 and republished in La rampe.

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