Saturday, November 26, 2005


This blog attempts to keep track of all the english translations of texts by French film critic Serge Daney.

If a link is not provided, then the article is not available directly online and I do not have a copy.

Please use the Comments for questions.

Good reading,
Laurent Kretzschmar


  1. Hello,

    Congratulations for your work. It's really important the access to this kind of information, and in English so that almost everyone can read texts by one of the greatest film critics we've had. It has been very useful for me.

    I've some Cahiers du Cinéma with texts by Serge Daney, from number 156 until 300. I hope they can help you in this project. You can find them in here:

    Best regards,
    Duarte Mata

    Ps: Sorry for this way of contacting you, but I couldn't find your email.

  2. Thanks Duarte. I believe most of Daney's Cahiers texts have been published in P.O.L complete works ( but I will check it out.


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