Saturday, December 31, 2016

Serge Daney in 2016

Time for the annual round-up. Not a big year, so let's keep it short.

Two new translations: Daney's reviews of Fellini's Ginger and Fred (one for the cinema release and one for the TV broadcast).

  • An anthology of Daney's writings was published in Portuguese (O Cinema Que Faz Escrever). I'm trying to track down the table of contents.
  • Trafic, the film review founded by Daney a year before his passing, reached its 100th issue. An evening of celebration at the French Cinémathèque will include the showing of one of Daney's rarest video work, La preuve par Prince
Happy New Year everyone.


  1. Is there ANY way to see La Preuve par Prince without going to France?

  2. Jean-Paul Fargier mentioned its existence for the first time on his blog in 2013 ( I've tried to track down a copy with the TV station that hosted the show but they told me it's gone... You have until next Monday 19h Paris time to make your way there...

  3. So, I'm also looking for LA PREUVE PAR PRINCE, ¿someone saw it at the Cinemathque? I hope there's someone who filmed from the cinema... Thanks!


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