Friday, January 01, 2016

Serge Daney in 2015

Time for the annual round-up. A small crop of translations in 2015. Only two spotted on this blog:
  • The market of individuals, one of Daney's last text, dissecting what reality TV says about the evolution of the image and society.
  • A true fake Bruce, a review of The Game of Death with Bruce Lee in the form of a dialogue with the film. 
Elsewhere, the final volume of Daney's complete writings, La maison cinéma et le monde 4 - Le moment Trafic, was released in November. It focuses on Daney's output shortly before his death (late 1991 to June 1992) and the texts written as he was launching the review Trafic (including the one above). The book also contains a number of interviews where Daney expand on his view of the state of cinema, the image (and even society) along similar lines as the already published long interview Journey of a cine-son.  

This year, I also spotted a curiosity on YouTube, the short 1986 film made by Maria Koleva featuring Serge Daney: Letter from Paris to the Swiss friend number 7: When a film critic and an independent film director meet in Paris. 

Finally, 2015 marked the tenth anniversary of this blog (yes, ten years of tracking, referencing and writing English translations of Daney). A quick count shows 96 texts. You can all find them on the right-hand column of this page. Which ones have you not read?

Happy new year to all!


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  1. Cheers on the 10th anniversary of this blog! Your commitment to Daney is truly appreciated, this is a marvelous collection of translations that has provided me with many insights into his writings. Thank you for all your hard work! :)


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