Friday, January 03, 2014

Serge Daney in 2013

It's time for the annual round up of English translations of Serge Daney. This blog spotted thirteen new translations, some here, several elsewhere. The highlight of the year was the co-translation with Otie Wheeler of Daney's introductory texts to the chapters of his first book, La rampe, published as a series in the summer. I strongly recommend you to read them if you haven't done so already. I was surprised to see that over time, most of La rampe has been translated.

A most satisfying part for me was the sheer number of people who gave their time and effort to translate or help translate Daney. What, at times, has felt like a solitary endeavour has become a collaborative effort. So thank you to Adrian Martin, Ted Fendt, Stoffel Debuysere, Craig Keller and Otie Wheeler. Let's keep it up in 2014.

On this blog:
In terms of readership, Google Analytics tell me that there were 5,500 unique visitors to the blog (a thousand more than in 2012). However, when I filter down this meaningless number (it counts web crawling robots) to the visitors who stayed more than a minute, we're talking about 900 people (the same as last year, you loyal readers!)

Google also tells me that, although visitors came from over a hundred countries, only 40% of you were from English-speaking ones, that most of you are under 34 years old and 54% are male, and that the text on Mannerism seems to have been the most popular.

So here's to 2014. New texts are already being prepared. Happy New Year!



  1. Thanks for all your efforts, Laurent -- in 2013 and years past.

    Just thought I'd mention that Stoffel D posted this translation recently too.

  2. Thank you Matthew. I spotted Stoffel's new translation a few days ago. It's yet another text from La rampe. I've updated the post on the table of contents.

  3. I'd like to also send my thanks for this great blog. I imagine this endeavor seems thankless at times, but I know several, including myself, English speaking cinephiles who are grateful.


  4. Another vote of thanks for your work here, Laurent.

    Really enjoyed discovering this blog in 2013, good luck for 2014!


  5. Hi J, thanks for the comments. Means a lot.

    I can't believe you only discovered the blog (it's been around 9 years and it should come up first when searching for Serge Daney on Google). It's time for some promotion methinks. Kickstarter project for worldwide billboard campaign on Serge Daney? The biggest contributor gets to pick the slogan!

  6. I had 10,000 visits to my Flickr account in 2013 and 27 'favs'.
    ...have no idea what that means


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