Thursday, February 17, 2011

Serge Daney on PBS!

Sorry for the shallow post, I can't help it.

Serge Daney appears briefly in this short extract of Histoire(s) du cinéma as part of film critic Ignatiy Vishnevetsky's choise of "movies that made us critics" on Ebert presents at the movies.

It's the episode 2A (Seul le cinéma) (Daney appears 1:10 minutes into the video)

I looks like it aired on February 11th.



  1. Why on earth is it historic that Serge Daney appears momentarily on a terrible TV show? He is unnamed and undiscussed.

  2. Because it's so unlikely and unexpected?

    I did say it was a shallow post... and i wanted to recognise Ignatiy's efforts on TV because I almost suspect that he chose this extract because Daney is in it...


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