Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Daney in 2008

Happy New Year everyone.

A quick look back over 2008, a fairly quiet year in regards to Daney in English.

Five new translations:
Thank you to Steve Erickson and Andy Rector for their help with publishing these texts.

Some disappointing news. POL, the French publishing house who had begun releasing Serge Daney's 'complete' writings back in 2001 told me they have no plans for new volumes (leaving the years 1985 to 1992 in the dark - as well as all the texts they've missed out). And some tentative plans for English books of translations unfortunately didn't fall through.

This blog had just over 3,000 visitors however Google Analytics tells me that many of these came only once and spent less than 10 seconds on the blog. My core audience is therefore the 240 or so loyal readers who came more than three times last year and stayed at least a minute.

Whoever you are, thank you for you interest. I hope this blog and my translations are helpful.

Let's hope for more in 2009.


  1. not sure if I show up on your stats (since I read almost exclusively in my RSS reader) but but this work is VERY MUCH appreciated. Many thanks, and best Daney wishes for 2009!

  2. Thanks Dave. I think Google Analytics do include hits via RSS.

    Do check the blog in the new year. I have a few new translations coming up!

  3. Hi Laurent,

    Just wanted to second Dave on the value of your work here. However many people check it and for however long, I for one rely on it.

    Was introduced to Daney a year or two ago with his Kapo piece and most everything else, I've found through this blog. He's been an inspiration to my own writing for sure.

    Thanks and keep it up!

  4. Donal,

    I'm happy the blog has been useful. I just saw your thesis on Godard and Kramer. If you are interested in "the convergence of film and Left politics in the late 1960s", then check this blog in the next weeks. I have a strange text by Daney written in the mid-70s when this convergence needed a new turn at Cahiers du cinema.

    To come soon

  5. Dear Laurent,

    My anthology VINCENTE MINNELLI: THE ART OF ENTERTAINMENT contains two new Daney translations: "THE PIRATE Isn't Just Decor" and "Minnelli Caught in His Web." The translations were done by Bill Krohn.

    I should add that Maurice Glaymann, who holds the rights to these pieces, was extraordinarily supportive of my interest in reproducing this material and let me have them for nothing.

    The book will be available in late January '09.

    Joe McElhaney

  6. Joe,

    What a fantastic news! These are great pieces from Daney's RECRUDESCENCE book.

    Maurice Glaymann from Aleas (http://aleas.fr) is such a generous supporter of efforts to translate Daney.

    Do you already know where you will make these texts available?

    Your publisher (Wayne State University Press)might be interested to have these extracts on its website to showcase the book. I'm sure that several online film magazines will be interested. Or you can always use Steve Erickson's website which already has the most extensive collection of English translations of Daney (http://home.earthlink.net/~steevee/).

    Happy to put you in touch with Steve if needed.


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