Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Serpent's Egg (now available online)

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Updated post with a link to the text, thanks to Steve Erickson.

The English edition of Cahiers du cinema has translated the special issue on "Two great moderns: Bergman and Antonioni" which has a translation of Daney's review of The Serpent's Egg (Bergman, 1977).

The Serpent's Egg
Cahiers du cinema, Special issue "Two great moderns", October 2007, pp. 35-36, Translation by Tom Mes. Initially published as "L'oeuf du serpent" in Cahiers du cinema, issue 285, February 1978, Page 45

Daney doesn't like the film but makes an interesting analysis on how this movie about the rise of Nazism takes the wrong approach:

"The entirely reactive The Serpent’s Egg is left-wing anti-fiction. The investigation, the will to solve the mystery is not driven by a hunger for truth, or by the desire to denounce and have clarity of vision, but by fear.


A film on the active nature of fear. As a form of resistance, it doesn’t amount to very much. "

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  1. You are doing a great service. I've had your blog bookmarked for a while now and occasionally pop by and I find you still at it. But even I, as a committed Daneyite can find Daney boring sometimes. I don't know how you find the resolve to keep on!


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