Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Daney's review of Elephant Man

A big thank you to Cinema Scope for publishing my translation of Daney's 1981 review of Elephant Man. A good text which, when reading it in Daney collection of texts La maison cinéma et le monde, I thought was worth translating. Thank you to POL editions as well for authorising the publication - although I felt they were not really eager to see many others. By some coincidence, Cahiers du cinéma have published the French version of the text on their website (which now has an English version so I'm going to investigate if they want to publish translations of Daney). The Monster is Afraid: The Elephant Man, David Lynch, By Serge Daney The text first appeared in Cahiers du cinéma, n° 322, Paris, 1981, and is reprinted in La maison cinéma et le monde, Volume 1 « Le temps des Cahiers 1962-1981 », Editions P.O.L, Paris, 2001, pp. 266-269.


[UPDATE 22 Oct 2022: another version of this translation has been published here.]

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