Monday, December 19, 2005


An interview of Daney by Bill Krohn is available on Steve Erickson's site:

"Les Cahiers du cinéma 1968-1977: Interview with Serge Daney", The Thousand Eyes, no. 2, 1977, p. 31.

And here are a few interviews conducted by Daney:

Taking Chances - Interview with Lea McCarey by Serge Daney and Jean-Louis Noames (Louis Skorecki)

Daney interview “Godard Makes [Hi]stories” in Raymond Bellour and Mary Lea Bandy eds., Jean-Luc Godard son+image 1974-1991, New York: Museum of Modern Art, 1992.


  1. Hey! Eternally grateful if Leo McCarey interview could be made possible to read ?! I can’t seem to open the link :(((
    My email is:

    Thanks !!!!

  2. The links are broken. The McCarey interview is here:


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