Monday, December 19, 2005

Quotes and bits

Some will say that this attempt to find Daney in English is getting desperate but here's a collection of bits and pieces:

This Chicago reader article by Jonathan Rosenbaum on Jacques Tati's Jour de fête contains a short translation of Daney on Tati from La rampe.

This book on Contemporary Australian Television contains a translation of an extract of Daney's “Le sport et la télévision”, Cahiers du cinema, #292, pp. 38-43. You can read it using Google book search. It's on page 64.

Movies and Methods: Vol. II, edited by Bill Nichols, University of California Press, 1985 has a different translation of an extract of the Salador text. You can read it with Google book search, page 46.

Television Drama: Realism, Modernism, and British Culture, by John Caughie, Oxford University Press, 2000, has a translation of an extract of "La remise en scène" published in Cahiers du cinéma, #268, July 1976. Use Google Book search. It's on page 112.

Jonathan Rosenbaum's review of La maison cinéma et le monde in the New Left Review has translations of an extract of a 1982 Libération piece, ‘Like Old Couples, Movies and TV have Wound up Looking Alike’ and of an extract of ‘Obligatory Montage: The War, the Gulf, and the Small Screen’, Daney's piece on the TV coverage of the Gulf War pusblished in Libération in 1991.

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