Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Serge Daney in 2014

Phnom Penh, 1989
Time for the annual round up of Serge Daney in English.
Blog news:
  • 2014 saw 4,500 "visitors" but as always most of these "users" only stay on the site for a few seconds and I'm fearing they are crawling robots. I reckon we're around 1,000-1,500 actual people who read something on the website (i.e. spent more than 1 minute on a page). This is a big number. Thanks all.
  • Google analytics tell me that c.50% of you were English speaking, and that, although 95% of you read this on your laptop (as opposed to a tablet or smartphone), only 5% of you used Internet Explorer (you alternative bunch).
  • And you seem to have preferred the 2013 posts written with Otie Wheeler as Mannerism and La Rampe remain quite popular. 
2015 will see the tenth anniversary of this blog (no kidding). Don't expect too many big surprises though, I'm currently struggling to make the time to post (blame it on the need for paid work).

Happy New Year to you all.


  1. Anonymous4:26 pm

    Many thanks for this site LK. It may not be paid work but that doesn't mean it's not valued.


  2. Thanks for this wonderful blog! I'm always waiting for your next post. Greetings from Uruguay,

  3. Nafis, Felix, thank you both for your messages. 2015 might start a bit slowly on the blog but I have a few translations in mind.

  4. WARNING: Following the link to "Double Exposure" seems to have led me to malware. You have an excellent site here, but now I'm nervous about visiting it, or following its links.

  5. Hi Bill, sorry you encountered malware. I've checked the links and they look find. Hopefully you won't have any more issues.