Saturday, August 31, 2013

La rampe - Table of contents

[Update 13/03/2014: addition of a link to a translation of "On paper"]

[Update 03/01/2014: addition of a link to a new translation: Re-mise en scene]

In the past weeks, I've published Serge Daney's introductory texts to each chapters of his first book, La rampe. To give a sense of how much of the book is already translated (and what is not), here's the complete table of contents, with links to translations.

La rampe

Taking a view (1970-1972) – Violence and representation (saving the screen)
Points of view 1 (1974-1976) – Adding in the filmmaker’s eye (militant cinema)
Points of view 2 (1975-1978) – Adding in the filmmaker’s body (morality and engagement)
Vanishing points 1 (1975-1980) – Engima-bodies (paranoid politics)
Vanishing points 2 (1977-1981) – Language-bodies (It speaks)
La rampe (bis)


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