Saturday, August 31, 2013

La rampe - Table of contents

La rampe was Daney's first book as a critic. It covers writings from Cahiers du cinéma from 1972 (one year before Daney took over the reins of Cahiers in collaboration with Serge Toubiana) to 1982 (one year after Daney left Cahiers for the newspaper Libération). To give a sense of how much of the book is already translated (and what is not), here's the complete table of contents, with links to translations.

La rampe

Taking a view (1970-1972) – Violence and representation (saving the screen)
Points of view 1 (1974-1976) – Adding in the filmmaker’s eye (militant cinema)
Points of view 2 (1975-1978) – Adding in the filmmaker’s body (morality and engagement)
Vanishing points 1 (1975-1980) – Engima-bodies (paranoid politics)
Vanishing points 2 (1977-1981) – Language-bodies (It speaks)
La rampe (bis)


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